Travel Fees

Travel fees apply outside our regular service area within 25 miles of 5804 Babcock Road.

If you live outside of our service area, there is a travel fee per visit: $20 for 25-35 miles, $40 for 35-45 miles.

Cancellation Policy

Because we set aside time specifically for your appointment, we require a cancellation fee that is automatically charged to your account if notification is not provided in advance: 48 hours for in-home assessments and 24 hours for other appointments.

You can cancel appointments via your login credentials on the website, or you can connect with us by call, text or email.

If we cancel a session for any reason, you will be notified by phone, text or email.


We cannot guarantee a dog will never bite. This would violate the Code of Ethics we are bound to uphold as Certified Professional Dog Trainers (Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics). If your dog has a bite history, our goal is to eliminate the motivation to bite, so there is less likelihood your dog will bite in the future.


We do not use e-collars, prong collars or physical punishment during training. We follow the recommendations of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior for reward-based training.


We typically do not offer a monetary refund. Instead we stand 100% behind our training.

The success of our program depends on us performing our job correctly and also on you (the owner or handler) following up on the homework and strategies that we lay out.

Environment and Safety Concerns

Due to risks with off leash training, we will not train dogs in this way, unless we are in a legally designated off leash area. Even well behaved dogs that are off leash can accidentally cause injury to others in the community, including knocking them over, scratching or biting. For the safety of your pet, we will only work with your dog in confined and safe spaces, fenced yards or on leash.

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Behavior Questionnaires

We know that how dogs get along with one another can play a big role in how they react to situations. That is why your LOMA trainer needs to have information on all your dogs. Please complete a a behavior questionnaire provided for each dog in the home.

The behavior questionnaire is automatically sent to you in your confirmation email for your phone consultation.


All trainers are employees, NOT subcontractors. This allows us to provide you with consistent, quality customer service and training.

We carry general liability insurance and each employee has successfully passed a criminal background check.