Do you feel overwhelmed with your new puppy?

Are you concerned your dog may harm your child or someone else in the family?

Are you frustrated or embarrassed when walking your dog in the neighborhood?

Did you adopt a shelter dog that is making you worried because it isn’t acting like other dogs you have owned before?

We specialize in solving these behavior challenges.


How LOMA In Home Training Works


Schedule Your Initial Phone Consult

Why is my dog behaving like this? What can be done to change this behavior? We answer your questions after getting a detailed behavior history for each dog. No additional fees for multiple dog households. We will call and talk to you for 30-45 minutes. Initial Consultation Process includes both a Phone Consult and the one hour In Home Evaluation of your dog or dogs. Pricing: $200


Schedule Your In Home Evaluation

Is my dog too stubborn to learn? How do you even work with a dog that is scared or trying to bite you? We show you how and more. We evaluate your dog’s behavior, demonstrate the training that we recommend and review safety plans if those are needed. Our goal for this consult is to provide you with immediate solutions until you can get further training.


Enroll in Your Customized Training Plan.

Our professionals will create a customized program to meet your goals and your dog’s specific needs. Training sessions are one hour and take place at your home. We teach your dog the skills they need, guide you through all the training exercises and give you the confidence you need to provide your dog with structure, exercise and fun. See the training and pricing options.

Have questions? Call or text. Our staff is happy to talk about how we can help you. 210-560-3642


Why let us help train your dog?

  • For convenience. We come to your home.

  • For ease. We show you how to do it and leave you easy to follow training homework.

  • For results. Our behaviorists and professional dog trainers look at problem behavior from all angles to create the most efficient, effective solution for transforming your dog, whether new puppy or aggressive adult, into a relaxed, enjoyable, trustworthy companion.

  • For peace of mind. We use only fun, positive, science-based training methods. Free yourself from guilt because we do not use E-collars or prong collars.

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