Pet Obedience and Manners


Fear Free, Force Free Training

Our certified trainers give your dog the skills and manners he needs to live his very best life with you, filled with freedom, fun, and friendship. We teach basic obedience for a well mannered pet, even when a dog is distracted. All training happens in your home or on public outings and is tailored to meet your family’s goals.

We use fear free and force free training, no leash corrections, e-collars or prong collars. We don’t force dogs into situations that make them uncomfortable. We use positive reinforcement, treats, affection and play, to encourage your dog to behave because it is reward and fun. You’ll also get a plan for controlling all the annoying behaviors dogs can do, like jumping up, pulling and nipping, so you can manage these until your dog is trained.

Imagine Your Dog:

  • Sitting or lying down when you ask—and staying there

  • Coming when you call—the first time

  • Walking with you instead of dragging you

  • Greeting guests and strangers with a polite sit

  • Leaving that nasty thing on the ground alone

  • Looking at you when you speak to her

  • Generally being a lovely companion to have around

Common behaviors we change: jumping on people, counter surfing, pulling on the leash; door dashing; digging, running away, nipping and biting, stealing forbidden items. We can teach basic commands such as: sit, stay, come when called and recall, place cues and many more.