Thank you all so very much for all you’ve done for us! As much as Cocoa Bean benefitted, Corina and I learned so much about being good leaders of the pack... Our little rescue has come a very long way and while there are still some things to work on, as a team, we all achieved our goal of a vet visit! [Cocobean had not been vaccinated in 2 years due to the fear and aggressive behavior he showed at the veterinarian.]
— Benitez family, 2019
Our trainer, Robyn, was very attentive and patient. She wanted us, the owners/new trainers, to understand the focus and skills to engage our dog. We are still working with our dog with the skills we learned with LOMA.
— Lauren Sage, 2018
Had an urgent evaluation and appointment when my dog was very upset about some medical issues and scared. The one visit helped us out so much. We learned how to work around her fears and also when she was better recondition her fears of the vet, Medicine , and having her feet touched. Went to the vet for another procedure this weekend and the vet was so impressed by the changes. It’s also so amazing they come to your house and Loraine and Robyn have been so helpful . Still using their services to this day!
— Caitlyn Mooney, 2018
This was my first time taking part in a Group Class for dog training, and it was such a great experience! Like most, I was nervous about how my dog would behave in this sort of setting, but Robyn and Emaleigh were amazing. They were able to give me individualized attention to help me address any issues I was having, while also tending to the others in the class. They also answered any questions I had that went beyond the class’s topic/focus. In just one hour-long class, I walked away with a wealth of information that would help me for me when I practiced at home. Robyn and Emaleigh provided great feedback and I can’t wait for my next two sessions!
— Selina Bonilla, 2018
Sara has diagnosed some potential behavior issues and helped us deal with them immediately before moving on to obedience training, but as we have begun to overcome some of the behavior issues, we are integrating the obedience as well. That’s one thing that I really like about LoMa and the approach the trainers take...they tackle both at the same time and if behavior is the bigger issue and a real obstacle to obedience, then they give you strategies to emphasize and deal with the behavior first and then move on to integration of the obedience.
— Cory Miller, 2018
I had a great experience with LOMA. They are super easy to work with, flexible to schedule, very responsive and come to your home to work in a familiar environment. I had Robyn. She is very friendly, explained everything thoroughly and and answered all my questions. And my dog loved her.
— Jill Montgomery, 2018
Lorraine, puppy and I are doing great. Absolutely great. No growls, bites or freezes! I’ve been minding my boundaries which makes him at peace...when we walk past a backyard with dogs he used to bark. But he doesn’t do that anymore. You have changed our lives.
— Carla Freise, 2018
They showed me how to teach Olivia the basic commands—here, stay, drop it, and leave it. Olivia is extremely fearful of almost everything and she has vision problems Lorraine, through patient instruction, and Robyn, through outstanding demonstrations, showed me how to not only identify my dog’s fear but also how to help her overcome those fears.  Now Olivia looks forward to her walks, and even enjoys encounters with new people.  Noise does not send Olivia into a fleeing panic.  Most importantly, I am no longer constantly afraid that Olivia will bite someone because of her own fears.
— Phylis Weathermon, 2017
I was having troubles with certain “impulse” behaviors that my dog kept doing, like jumping on the couch, running out the door before I wanted him to, or picking something up from the street that I didn’t want him to have. Robyn showed me how to make my dog wait at the door until I tell him he can go outside, how to tell my dog to “leave it,” aka, something on the street or something I simply did not want my dog to pick up, and how to control my dog’s general impulses. I also learned to read my dog’s body language, which has helped immensely with knowing how Brody is feeling. With practicing Robyn’s advice and help, Brody is a much better behaved dog!
— Daniella Johner, 2017
My corgi Doug has always been a scaredy pup. I didn’t think it was bad until his fear of all things escalated around 6 months. It had become INSANELY difficult to walk him outside without him lunging and pulling on the leash. I was growing frustrated with each passing day, wondering where i went wrong. Robyn has shown us how to deal with his demand barking, clicker train, and how to get Doug to “wait” at the door, and how to walk properly on the leash. I am able to redirect him a lot better now and I’m able to get him to disengage where I was never able to before. It’s still a long road ahead of us before i can take him to restaurants (for example), but we’re definitely on the right path.
— Veronica Montemayor, 2017

My one year old rescue, Trouble, thoroughly enjoyed several weekly visits from Sara, as did I.  Trouble is very enthusiastic in her friendliness and frequently jumps on people, which Sara helped me to curb.  Trouble also learned to go to her mat and stay while I exercise. She now stays patiently awaiting the release word while I open the door for our walks, while I fill her dog bowl or at any other time I need her to sit still.  And we settled on a release word that won’t confuse Trouble by occurring in regular conversation. And remarkably, Sara got Trouble to LEAVE IT in the face of Trouble’s favorite treats strewn across the floor – a feat that I could never have accomplished without Sara’s help.  All of this was accomplished with only positive reinforcement, which has encouraged Trouble to want to please me, as opposed to making her afraid of me.  I recommend Sara without qualification whatsoever.  Your pup will thank you. 
— Wayne Bennett, 2017
“LOMA has provided the knowledge, skill and support my family needed to transform undesirable behaviors and create harmony in our multi-dog home. We now enjoy a quality of life with our dogs we’ve always dreamed of.”
— The Barton-Croft Family, 2017

We have a house with five rescues dogs. The relationships between the dogs is generally good, but our spaniel mix (Elsa) would occasionally become suddenly dog aggressive. We asked Sara to help with this problem. Sara understands dog interactions so well. She watched how the dogs interacted in the house, in the yard, and on walks. Sara noticed our Aussie would often run by and harass Elsa, and Elsa’s body language showed Sara how incredibly stressed Elsa was by this aggression. Sara the showed us how Elsa would then come into the house with muscles all tensed up, she would yawn, indicating a feeling of stress, and she was ready to explode. Since Sara’s observation, we keep the Aussie from approaching Elsa on walks. That has allowed Elsa to relax during walks, and her dog aggressive behavior has vanished. Sara’s insight into dog behavior and emotions allowed us to have a peaceful pack. We are very grateful for her experience and skill with changing unacceptable dog behavior.
— Bill Nauschuetz, 2017
We were very pleased with the straight forward answers, strategies, and information.
— Feedback survey on 12/8/15
Very impressed. Major problems were quickly identified, gave good explanations of what she was seeing with informative handouts. Then provided exercises to work on the problems specific to our dogs. She answered all our questions and made us feel more confident in our control of the situation.
— Feedback survey on 12/3/15
The training was better than I could ever expect. Lorraine Martinez was such a big help and was available when we needed her. She explained the process and training techniques very well and even helped our son with learning the process.
— Feedback survey on 11/17/15
Lorraine is very very knowledgable, and so we got a massive amount of information out of it. We had lots to take home and work on, which to me is excellent. Also very helpful was just having someone to reassure me when I was doing things right, and who could spot when my timing or mechanics were a little off. This was one of the reasons I chose to take classes, and it’s definitely payed off in my confidence as a trainer.
— Feedback survey from All The Basics class

Has your dog's behavior improved as a result of the services you received?

Already performing better at the assigned tasks. Our anxious dog has had calmer moments now that there is some order and structure back in the group. He also has benefited from time separate from the younger dog, who is already showing signs of better understanding his role in the home.
— Feedback survey on 12/3/15
My dog is much more relaxed when confronted with unfamiliar people, and continues to make progress with unfamiliar dogs.
— Feedback survey on 11/12/15
Learning to change the way I train my dogs”
”Very knowledgeable presenter - lots of good info. Thank you for this terrific opportunity to make foster dogs even more adoptable!”
”Many suggestions for each type of behavior”
”Liked understanding of how to reward and when. Time when too fast. This hour and a half FLEW!”
”Everything - all applicable to training! - Great presentation!”
— Comments on feedback survey for Outsmart Your Dog seminar