Behavior Consulting


Our certified behavior specialists & behaviorists support and guide you and your dog through every step of a custom behavior modification program for fear, aggression, or anxiety issues.

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Common behaviors we change:

leash reactivity (lunging and growling), fence fighting, in home dog fighting; separation anxiety, noise or storm phobia; food or toy guarding; growling, biting or nipping at humans, fear of the vet, excessive barking, digging, chewing and soiling in the house and more. Barking, lunging, pulling on leash and biting children are some of the most common dog behavioral problems we can cover with in home training.

Obedience Training & Manners


Our certified trainers give your dog the skills & manners he needs to live his very best life with you, filled with freedom, fun, and friendship. We teach basic obedience for a well mannered pet. All training happens in your home and is tailored to meet your family’s goals.

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Common behaviors we change:

jumping on people, counter surfing, pulling on the leash; door dashing; digging, running away, nipping and biting, stealing forbidden items.

Special Services


Are you having a hard time finding the right dog for your family? We can help the selection process by evaluating shelter and rescue dogs to see if the dog can be the right fit.

Has your landlord or apartment manager asked for an evaluation of your dog’s behavior. We can provide a thorough assessment and report so you don’t have to choose between your dog and your dream home.

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Is your dog deaf? We show you how to use hand signals and tactile cues to teach obedience. If your dog is deaf you don’t have to struggle with unruly or difficult behavior.


Puppy Development

Our puppy training professionals guide your pup through this precious period of life, giving them the skills, socialization, and support they need to grow into confident, well-adjusted adult dogs.

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Behaviors included:

chewing, stealing, digging, running away, coming when called and independence training; guarding of food and toys; jumping up; fear of new things; fear of restraint; comfort with grooming and the veterinarian.

Preparing for Your Newborn


Are you pregnant? Or maybe you just brought a new born home and are worried about how your dog will accept the new family member? At LOMA, we can help your dog get prepared for the arrival of a new baby and all of the changes that go along with your new addition.

Before baby arrives, we help dogs get comfortable with all of the new objects that will be part of your home - car seats, high chairs, bassinets and strollers. We teach dogs to be comfortable around babies by using baby dolls that "cry" and teach them positive associations to these sights and sounds. Believe it or not, some dogs may become overly concerned with a noisy infant and exposing them to these sounds before the infant arrives can greatly reduce stress.

Once a newborn enters the home, most dogs get exercised less. We work with dogs to slow down their routines and help them get comfortable and more relaxed at home. Some dogs also become very interested in newborns, and may obsessively focus attention on them, so we teach them how to ignore the sights and sounds of a baby and follow obedience cues.

We teach behaviors like going to a station, staying in place and relaxing, leaving dropped items (such as pacifiers) and other core skills.