Private. In home dog training in San Antonio and surrounding areas. We staff Dog and Animal Behaviorists and certified canine specialists.

We come to you. All breeds. All ages. Any behavior concern.

Call or text: 210-560-3642

Call or text: 210-560-3642


Leash Reactivity

Does your dog turn into a snarling image of canine terror at the mere sight of another dog on a walk? Bark!Bark!Bark!

Barking, lunging, pulling on leash are some of the most common dog behavioral problems we can cover with in home training.

Aggressive Dog Behavior

Is your dog growling, snapping, or biting other dogs or people?We can train you and your dog to be safer and well mannered? Do you have multiple dogs in the home that are fighting with one another? Have you tried other trainers, but are still struggling with your dog’s aggressive behavior? As behavior modification specialists, we can transform your dog’s state of mind and change how he feels when he is uncomfortable.

Deaf Dog Training

Is your dog deaf or hard of hearing? Did you know that you don’t need to know sign language to help a hearing impaired dog? We use hand signals and tactile signals to teach obedience. You don’t have to have an unruly, deaf dog. Even with behavior issues, once we identify the motivation behind the negative behavior, we can teach you another way to ask for a better behavior using attention cues, visual cues and physical contact.

Text or call: 210-560-3642

Text or call: 210-560-3642

Obedience Dog Training

Sit. Stay. Down. Come. Heel. Walking politely. No jumping or pulling. A well-behaved dog starts with a well-trained owner. We train you to understand your best friend and master the basics of dog obedience.

Behavior Modification

We can help fix behavior challenges such as resource guarding, separation anxiety, fence fighting, fear issues, anxiety issues, jumping on people, counter surfing, chewing and destruction, barking problems, growling, snapping or biting.

Call or text (210) 560-3642 with any questions